Past, present
& future

Listening, thinking and creating. It was in 1975 when Pahi began this adventure with Pere Solerdelcoll and Jordi Solerdelcoll at the head.

The metal chairs and styling units for salons were the starting point which, later on, led to the creation of backwashes and specialised furniture.

Today, 43 years later, Pahi makes more than fifty different products. The new generation of Pahi fuses the trade of the past, the professionalism of the present, and the ambition of the future. Our adventure, of a local nature in its beginnings, has now crossed frontiers.

choose us?

01 For being a familiar company with a long history in the market, working artisanally since 1975.

02 Because of our principles; ethics, seriousness, closeness, rapidity, efficiency, commitment, rigour and constant and continuous improvement.

03 Because we take over of the whole process, from the products design until the assembly in the hair salon.

04 We ensure the highest quality thanks to our production process completely made in our upholstery shop, carpentry and assembly shop.

05 For the option of personalising each of our products.

06 For the possibility of manufacturing tailor-made furniture.

07 For a wide showroom where to see and test of our furniture.

08 For a 2-year warranty on all the products.

09 For the counselling we give to the costumer offering the option to distribute the plant as well as rendering it.

10 For a quick and efficient delivery time.